4 YEARS !!!!!!!

Well today is a huge milestone for me and blipfoto as I celebrate 4 years of blipping. My life has never been the same since I started. Still looking out for the 'special' things to record/remember from my days. Sometimes very challenging and sometimes too many to narrow down to one. Thankfully blip has now offered us extras, and today I have some special ones :).

A challenging day in some ways and a wonderful day in others ways.

First off to the very familiar Bromley South station which we had used loads when we lived here 19 years ago. It was very different with two young men than babies in buggies.

Arrived at Victoria to more familiarity, and it nearly brought tears to my eyes! Thankfully I was on the phone with Martin, so I could share that with him. His daily commute was into Victoria station.

Then we found our way to Fulham Broadway so we could meet with Ben's estate agent to sign up for his accommodation here. He will be living in Chelsea, lucky kid.

Some frustrating moments regarding money's not being available. I can't access my GBP account in Hong Kong from here, and it made for a very frustrating few hours. Anyway finally managed to come to an agreement, and hopefully it will be sorted ASAP.

Met Ben's flat mates, fine young men. Hope they all get along really well. His uni is just by the estate agent, so we popped in there too, see extra.

Then Ben wanted to show me where he would be living, so we walked from Fulham Broadway to Chelsea, past Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea Football Club! After hyperventilating for a bit at the opportunity of being right in front of it, I calmed down and took a few pics, see extra!

Back to Bromley and a broggle through the high street and finally home after a full day and tired feet.

Lovely day in London.

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