After Martha Graham

Our Keep Dancing group met again today in the Macrobert arts centre and we got such a workout that it left some of us stunned: spins, leaps and rolling on the floor.

At the end of the class I reminded our teacher, dance artist Linzi McClagan that we are all in possession of bus passes.

To be fair there is a problem with a class of older dancers. This is new territory not only for us but for those who teach us.

How much can we physically do?

Also there is the mix between performance and dance, something I for one had not appreciated for contemporary dance is not just about learning a dance routine.

It is indebted to Martha Graham the American modern dancer and choreographer whose influence on dance has been compared with the influence Picasso had on modern visual arts, Stravinsky had on music, or Frank Lloyd Wright had on architecture

Here Linzi demonstrates working with material . That's for next week.

Well, we are truly being taken out of our comfort zone.

And I am totally amazed that I should be doing this stuff...I guess its all about challenging stereotyped images of old age.

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