RSD Photo's Mexican Life

By rsdphotography

Miscelanea #7

A week of miscelanea blips comes to an end with this shot of one within spitting distance of our municipal pier. While the kickoff week to this series has taken me to neighborhoods I don't often frequent - La Noria, El Limon, Los Morelos, among others - I returned to more familiar environs for my final entry. I think these three guys were fishing guides with a day off, hence the bundle of rods leaning against the wall.

Having a specific subject all week was definitely a challenge. I'm not sure the photographs I made during this period were particularly good, but they did record a part of everyday life I might otherwise have overlooked. I'm sure I will return to this series from time to time, as I do with scales and delivery bikes, but I'm back to once again looking at the broader aspects of Mexican life.

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