Ashdon Mill

I had a note on the diary about Ashdon post mill being open today so after lunch I decided to go. I ignored the SatNav and went via Newport, where I noticed that my son's school has had a change of name, and Saffron Walden, which is a beautiful old Essex town.

The mill is on a hill up a tiny single-track road with grass growing up the middle. I was relieved not to meet another vehicle. I very much enjoyed being taken to the top of the mill by a friendly man who addressed me as 'lass' and taking lots of pics. It was nice to meet the millwright and his family too. I'm in awe of his skills.

I've chosen to post the above image as it doesn't include anything modern-looking. I think it portrays the mill as it must have looked when it was built in 1757. It was white originally but painted black during WWII so that it was not as obvious. The Germans used mills as way points. Well done the villagers of Ashdon for restoring and upkeeping this lovely historic landmark.

Today's poem is Wild Geese by Mary Oliver.
I really love this. A sort of nature cure. It's the time of year when geese are on the move. It got me thinking about The Snow Goose. I've read it for the first time today. I thought it was set in somewhere like Canada, not the Essex marshes near where I was brought up. I really love it too. 

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