Behind the curtain

Jess regularly adopts this position so I thought it was worth a blip, funny dog.

Spent much of the day recovering from Sarah and Gavin's joint 50th party. It was a fabulous evening chatting (shouting) and dancing with old friends, some of whom I haven't properly caught up with since the playgroup years.   It was 2am before I noticed, and we staggered home (I'm usually asleep by 11pm these days so this was very unusual).

Ben came home nearly three hours later, and then went to work at 11.00am - so I think he's ready to take on the challenge of university socialising!  We are still waiting to hear where he will be living next week in Leeds as he missed the accommodation application deadline, so nothing is guaranteed or confirmed...I remember telling A LOT of people about that last night.

I was hoping for a more buzzy blip as I know someone with a hive of activity, but it was not to bee.

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