If in doubt - blip!

Lucky me - I'm off on my travels again! This time with my Editor which is lovely! Back to the USA to visit Son#1 and his wife in Detroit, but on the way we're going to have a week in Cape Cod first as we've never been there before.

I seem to be a jinx on air travel at the moment though as this is my 3rd delayed flight out of six. We got from Newcastle to Amsterdam on time but we now have a 3-hour delay to our ongoing flight: 3 hours is the biggest delay I've had this year. We're hoping that the delay doesn't extend any further before take-off from Amsterdam in about 4 hours from now....

Happily our bank account goodies include some free airport lounge visits so on the advice of a well-travelled friend we're spending our time here in the luxury of a posh lounge. Could be a lot worse - this is a tiny triviality compared to those poor folk trapped by hurricanes and earthquakes.

And while waiting - "Why not blip?", I thought.

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