By hjarald

The Pigeon and the Squirrel

During last nights thunder storm I took some skyline photos over the neighbors mansion.

Especially the pigeon and squirrel chimney hood silhouettes are a nice surplus in this shot, but it also made me wonder to the origin of these weather vane ornaments.

Some wikipedia research learned me that it started with weather cocks on churches, as the rooster was considered a christian symbol. 

(a reference to Luke 22:34 in which Jesus predicts that Peter will deny him three times before the rooster crows)

Then some parishes started to vary to honor their patrons with their personal ornaments. The weather vane of St Peter upon Cornhill in London for instance is not in the shape of a rooster, but a key!

I guess after that many symbolic items were added, like warships, sailing ships, rabbits, etc etc and even this pigeon and squirrel.

By the way dit you know the biggest weather van is a real Dakota plane on a pole in Yukon? Have a look for yourself by clicking here!

Have a nice day!

Photo & Info: Newdelftblue by Hjarald Agnes

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