TT left for work before the crack of dawn.  That left me to get BB to breakfast club.  We got there, but he was slow.  Thankfully my train was on time today.  Work was busy, busy, busy.  I made myself go out for a wander at lunchtime to get some fresh air, before spending the afternoon at my desk.

I ended up staying a bit later than I wanted to as I had something urgent to do at the last minute.  I just thought of the flexi time!  The boys returned from BB’s football not long after I got home.  BB was full of energy again – so football had clearly not tired him out.

I’ve just caught up with last week’s Doctor Foster. I was going to go for a run this evening, but talked myself out of it when I saw the weather warnings.  The rain and wind that was forecast, hasn't arrived yet, so I should have gone out for a run.

I had a wander around the Royal Mile at lunchtime.  This is the Moses sundial on John Knox’s house.

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