Walk on Park of Keir

All the plans are in place for our walk over Park of Keir this Saturday morning. We expect a good turn out and a number of politicians have agreed to join us.
The general community are incensed with the sheer injustice of the decision by the Scottish Government to grant planning permission for Judy Murray’s tennis centre when all the evidence from the local communities right through to Stirling Council and Public inquiry rejected it.
Our new MP Stephen Kerr even raised the matter in the House of Commons.
And the United Nations have issued an official reprimand to the Scottish Government for not providing the same legal rights to ordinary citizens which rich developers get.
Park of Keir is just one of some very bad decisions made by the Scottish Government where they have ignored the wishes of local communities – yet it was this promise to do so that got them into power in the first place.

See extra photo of our poster

We have a Right to Roam law in Scotland - so we are not trespassing.

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