Just what is needed

Friday started well, I was up early but then as I left the house the recycling lorry that usually arrives in the afternoon appeared! It took me 20 minutes to leave my single carriageway road as I couldn't get past and the driver decided not to pull off when he had the chance to let me past :-( I felt really miffed about that.

I've been busy all day and haven't managed any study which I thought was possible. I'm feeling rather rabbit in headlights again. I've made myself a cup of tea and I am starting to feel my usual positivity ebb back....you'll notice I am using loose leaf tea.....this is because I did not spot the large 'loose tea' lettering on the box- arrrggghhh thankfully I have a tea strainer and I think it tastes better than the tea bag version....the question is what do you do with all the bits left in the teapot...I'm wondering if I can recycle it somehow looks like it could work in compost or as a fertilizer maybe??

I'm hoping a curry may be on the cards tonight...I've only eaten 3 slices of toast all day and I am also desperate for a long walk at some point even if it is thrashing it down....the question is how to fit it all in as I have a big study target set!! Chapter 3 perfection! I'm also a bit pleased to see I have broken the 30,000 views mark I'm feeling a little bit established on here now :-)

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