Oh my darling, Oh my darling

I decided to be a bit proactive about making the most of this weekend after last weekends naffness cue an idea to do baking. I did a search for a good Nigella Lawson cake and google suggested her Clementine cake. Sorted all the ingredients and then bothered to read the recipe on returning home only to find the clementines need to be boiled for 2 hours!!! Hmmmm won't be eating that tonight.

In town I picked up an old antique writing slope from a thrift shop for £4. The veneer is missing from part of it and I have great plans to replace it with shell veneer. A nice little project which may look fabulous or be a complete disaster....how exciting.

I've just watched Jullian McDonald dancing on Strictly....not quite sure what to make of that...very twilight zone....I was expecting him to storm it but I suspect he'll be one of the first voted off. I secretly want that comedian guy from Waterloo Road to do well and the hairy biker guy is fun too.

Final news is I wrote a poem today for my writing group and received some positive feedback. I'm not a huge fan of poems but I do like some of John Donne and Wilfred Owen, the later is rather hard hitting but it's good. Last thing is of you fancy a giggle then google "terrible estate agents photographs" there is a blog with some amusing pics and commentary that brightened up my yesterday!

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