What a productive day. The smell of autumn is fab, sunshine and warmth all day long, it is easily my favourite season. I felt to lucky to be able to get out and about. Went on a really long walk (just over 12 miles) for a pub lunch and a pint in the sun. Spotted this little chappy in a pint of Old Rosie and sadly he'd drowned and couldn't be rescued by this stage. On the way back spent ages wandering slowly as I picked cobnuts (now on a plate drying), Sloe berries (perfectly ripe and juicy) and masses (nearly 2kg) of elderberries. I didn't have a rucksac with me initially so I was just shoving tons of the elderberries down the front of my fleece jacket as that held masses. Once I looked suitably heavily pregnant it was then a case of waddling down the tow path to catch up with Mr H and the rucksac, transferring the berries into it and then carrying it 6 miles back as the berry juice started to run out of the bottom of the bag...if I'd planned to go berry picking I would have been better prepared! I suspect I've done enough exercise to burn off the heavily vinegared chips I ate at the pub!

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