Eye of the Waxeye

When I came in for lunch after working in the garden I heard a strange fluttering sound. Behind the bottles and glass balls on the windowsill was a waxeye trying to get out through the closed window. I grabbed a camera and gently caught her. I had to take her out to the light to get a shot, and she allowed just one before she took off to the hedge. She was amazingly small and delicate in my hand, and didn’t weigh anything at all. (That’s part of my fingertip under her chin). I was relieved that she didn’t panic, and a few minutes later I saw her with her mate, getting on with their business.

You can see that there’s nothing waxy about her eye. The white circle is very soft, fine feathers. See full screen.

Today was lovely and warm. It must be spring because my tomato seedlings are coming up, a lot of different birds are marking their territories around the garden, queen bumblebees are coming inside looking for nesting spots,  lizards have come out to sunbathe, and a hedgehog has left its calling card on my front doorstep.

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