Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Knitting and sewing

For the cultural hobby blip. What to choose? The first thing I would think of today would be the little books I like to build and make. ( with printing, painting and photos) I've blipped some before.

But yesterday , digging in a box in the closet for something, I found the 2 dish towels my mom saved and I thot were lost. oh my , very early grade school vintage ( almost 70 years old?) and the girl and the boy drying the dishes made me laugh! ( I clearly I knew how the dishes got dry and by whom, back then)
But how to connect with the present day.? . Penny is here from this earlier era with her dog with its spots sewed on. She has 4 siblings all with extensive wardrobes. I do like to have some kind of ongoing handwork so I don't feel like wasting time watching tv, but now I mostly knit. Charlotte is the newest doll...( Arne and Carlos) the bear will get sent to Africa with the "mother bear project" (. ). when I get some more done( I'm afraid maple chewed one, so I need to get busy. )
All doll related... but the coordinating color yarn squares may sometime turn into an useful Afghan.

I think I have never been bored looking for something to make.

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