Bubbles Galore ...

I havent had much time today to take many images, I have had a really busy, busy day today.

The car is still not working which is really depressing me, it is surprising how much you really miss your car when it is not working, fingers crossed we find out what is the matter with it tomorrow morning as one of Erics friends is popping around to see if he knows what the matter is, he deals alot with cars.

I really hope he knows what is the matter and it will be cheap enough to repair.

I am going to start a four week course with the Camera Club tonight doing Abstract images so I popped to Tescos to see what I could find to use tonight to take images of. I decided I am going to do some bubble shots while I am there.

I love my bubbles images as you all know ( I hope I dont bore you with them) so I went to buy some food colouring. I couldnt believe it they do a black one, I was very chuffed. I decided to have a quick experiment withsome black bubbles while I was cooking the tea, it looks a lovely colour to use for a change.

I will catch up with commenting later when I get home from my Course.

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