Minnesota Holiday ...

Day 5.

Today we visited Banning State Park …. one of our favorites so far. (Not counting Itaska where we walked across the Mississippi!)
Although it involved a lot of walking the park was lovely! And we saw some so much … including chippies, red squirrels, a turtle, frogs and, for the first time EVER, some pileated woodpeckers! Not to mention some more bald eagles on the way to the park!

My picture is another selfie showing me at the bottom of the very interesting stairs(?) in the extra! Yes, I walked down those stairs! If you want to even call them stairs!

We also visited Father Hennepin State Park …. which is actually where we saw the pileated woodpeckers. This park was also very nice … even though they had closed down the road leading to the trail-head we were looking for. We had to park in another parking area which made our walk that much longer!

On our way back to our condo we again stopped at Crosslake for the sunset … it was another stunner!

Backblipped: September 15, 2017

Note: December 31, 2017 .... I added several more extras  ..... including a bad shot of the pileated woodpecker! One of the pictures included in the collage is a chippy that we saw at Banning State Park that didn't have a tail!  And the turtle is one that we saw crossing the road on our way to Banning State Park .... we stopped so that Richard could get him/her out of the road.  The extra of the house by the lake (actually slipping into the lake!) I took whilst we were at this stop! 

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