Flower ........

 ...........Friday15   (FF15)

Well, I managed to get to the end of the week - despite not having a clue what day it was half of the time ..... lost two full nights sleep, taken four flights, visited Italy twice and London once, stayed in two hotels and driven a total of almost 1200 miles (1900 kms) - and I'm still smiling (that's 'cos I'm thinking about payday - lol).

Despite being posted a day late I give you daisies that were "snapped" at around 10.00pm Friday night before I collapsed in a heap into bed!

I am actually hoping to sprinkle BB Hearts and HMs on Sunday morning like I usually used to do ...... I need to catch up with myself as well as blip.   Thank you for hanging around.

Thursday's WBBN  .......... hmmmmm, a naughty BB as I'm not quite sure where it is myself - it was taken looking north of Gatwick (as I could see London on the horizon altho' it doesn't quite show up on the photo) - I have looked at Google maps (other maps are available) but there are a number of small lakes in the area ....... let's just go with the UK's south-east countryside, eh??   :o))

Thank you all for your comments, stars and hearts these past weeks ...

~ Anni ~

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