Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

A Good Morning for a Walk

Location: Pool adjacent to WashBrook and Cadman's Lane, Fishley

Back in to the swing of early morning walks now that sunrise is at the civilised time of 6:47 am (I know, still too early for some).  This is a very rarely visited location, other than for the wildlife, which this morning included some ducks, heron, buzzard and red deer.

Technical: A 5 image HDR, one EV steps.  Processed in Lightroom Photomerge HDR.  I caught a free tutorial on making and editing natural looking HDRs in Lightroom by Jared Platt on Creative Live which was a bit of a revelation on how to use this function.  Creative Live broadcast live classes on different subjects every day and some have been really interesting.  They usually continue on a loop for 24-48 hours and while some go on for hours, this was a relatively short class.

Anyway, once merged it was a simple use of basic sliders to finalise the image.

Ps Had to smile this evening - I uploaded another of my images from this shoot to BBC Weather Watchers - it was shown on the local magazine programme Midlands Today...............for all of 2 seconds!  Fame is even briefer these days.

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