Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Festival City

Just another day... in Festival City...

Dropped G to work, then went back to collect her. She won the date game yesterday, so it was pay up time, but instead of ice cream, she got a chilled coffee and croque monsieur at Costa. The staff seemed to be struggling with simple orders and got our completely muddled up (G got mine, I got hers), not to mention the coffees had to be sent back because the syrup we'd paid extra for needed to be added!

Did another quick shop at Carrefour and G reacquainted herself with what supermarkets in Dubai stock - £6 for a bunch of spring onions from France! We settled for a 20p locally grown bunch. I won't even mention what things like strawberries and tomatoes cost.

We were heading home soon enough... My blip is of the flower shop placed strategically between two levels and escalators. I love that they sell "art" as well.

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