Young and old march on Park of Keir

If you think today's photos have suddenly shot up in quality that’s because I invited a very old friend, freelance photographer John McIntyre , to send me some of his surplus photos from Saturdays walk over Park of Keir for our campaign.( Yes I know that is stretching our rules but I hope in the circumstance you will forgive me).
See extra photo
We have been portrayed in the media as a bunch of “old nimbies” but as you  see our supporters are all ages.
This environmental controversy, Judy Murray wanting to build a tennis centre as a legacy for Andy Murray on our Greenbelt and financed by executive housing, has touched the heart of our community.
Folk are enraged that a piece of wild countryside on our doorstep is going to be destroyed to proved more homes for the rich.
As for the tennis legacy- that could go anywhere and in fact it would be much better near areas of large population like Edinburgh or Glasgow.
Incidentally, not one sporting organisation has come out and congratulated Judy Murray . There has been a deafening silence from the golf and tennis fraternity.

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