Incident on the Kessock Bridge tonight. The Police and Fire Brigade were in attendance, dealing with a lorry cab fire on the Northbound carriageway. The blue dotted streak on the left, is one of the fire tenders heading back to Inverness. The traffic on the blocked carriageway, started flowing shortly after this (BBC website news item, here).

I'd seen there was something going on as I approached the bridge from the harbour area. Southbound traffic was flowing, so I took the foot/cyclepath on that side of the bridge, and then crossed back to the usual spot for this long exposure.

Have captured this view at night numerous times before, though this was the first time with this camera and lens. Some veiling flare, and other issues, but not too bad. Had I turned more to the left, it would likely have been very like a previous Zeiss 35mm f/2 lens on a DSLR - which is the planned lens and camera for next month's main Blip source.

= = = = = = = = = =

Hope to get around and thank everyone individually tomorrow, for all the stars and favourites generously passed my way following yesterday's mega back-Blipping session. In the meantime, a big thank to you all. You're too kind!

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