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Last Saturday I popped over to the Bowood Game and Country Fair. I was led past Bowood House to an enormous temporary car park in a field and then had a ten-minute walk to the entrance to a huge temporary enclosure where one bought tickets. There was a sign requesting that one had the "correct change" for the admission price of £11 and a tent in which a man sat at a table with a money box and a ledger.

I realised that I had insufficient cash to get in and noticed that there was no advanced technology such as a till or any kind of electricity to power a debit/credit machine and asked if I could pay by cheque. The answer was no, cash only, and so I trudged back to the car and followed the signs to the exit - miles and miles of track that led me to Mile Elm, on the other side of the estate and on a completely different side of Calne to that which I had come in from. By the time I had obtained cash it wasn't worth going back.

On the way out, I stopped at a Palladian bridge at the south end of Bowood Lake and took a few pictures. There were no birds or ducks about, only a sole motionless fisherman. I don't know if he caught any fish, but at least he had a sunny afternoon and a pleasant view.


Blip #791
Consecutive Blip #004
Day #913

Through The Gap
View From A Bridge
Bridge Lichens

Lens: Pentax 17-70mm

Bowood series

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Tha Associates - Club Country (1982, TOTP) (best skip the first few seconds which unfortunately show the late DJ Jimmy Savile, against whom some very serious allegations of sexual misconduct have recently been made)

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