By Veronica

Life's a beach

See the beach in the glass better in large.

Today, day four, we finally made it to the beach. It had to be our favourite,  Cantarrijan, and we had to have lunch at La Barraca. The food here isn't particularly good, and it's expensive for a beach bar. But it's just good enough that it's worth it once in a while for the lovely situation. We had a nice shady table with a view of the beach. Afterwards, dozing on sun loungers, and even a little swim; the water was as smooth as silk and just cool without being chilly. Definitely feeling better now! 

We eventually dragged ourselves away at nearly seven. Driving up the track to the main road we encountered five cute baby cabramontes (mountain goats), but sadly the camera was in the bottom of the bag of towels. They were not in the least shy; I'm sure we'll see them again.

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