Mostly Six Five Oh

By nhc


Easy trip up from SFO, the flight actually arrived a little early which was great. The captain warned us about the wildfire smoke in PDX and he wasn't kidding. I thought the air quality in the Bay Area had been bad over the weekend but the wildfire smoke up here is so thick you can smell, taste, and feel it in the back of your throat.  Even some ash falling.   It was a topic of conversation amongst the passengers on the MAX from the airport into downtown. Then I had several conversations to and from the condo when I went to the grocery store - people saw me stopping to take pictures of the sun through the smoke and did the same which of course led to lots of info about what's going on. Apparently tomorrow will be better, and there's hope for rain on Thursday which will clear the air. The weather was 91ºF when I arrived at PDX - thankfully not the 101ºF that was forecast - the smoke has kept the temperature down a skosh which I guess is something. Sheesh.

(Eagle Creek Fire in Columbia River Gorge)

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