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Devizes (Thursday 21st September 2017)

Yesterday the news broke that one of the shire horses at Wadworth's, Monty, was being retired after eight years there, and that Gentle Giants in Cardigan, who were taking him, had supplied Wadworth's with a new 18.2 hands six-year old called Sam. There was a chance to meet him at the brewery between nine and ten on Thursday, so I set off to arrive at 0930 hr. I was surprised to learn of Monty's leaving as only this year he came first in two events at the Royal Three Counties Show in Malvern and seemed to be in peak condition.
Unfortunately, the marketing team had got the times wrong and as I approached the brewery at 0930 I saw Max and Sam already setting off on their morning rounds, and only got this hastily snatched snap with the pre-set camera settings all wrong.
Sam, whose full name is Goose Green's Perfection, was known as Archie at Gentle Giants, but has been renamed because Wadworth's youngest shire horse is already called Archie.

21.9.2017 (2057 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
The Four Tops - Ask The Lonely (completed 12 August 1964, Hitsville, Detroit MI)
Released as a single in January 1965, this missed the charts in the UK and stalled at number 24 in the US, and has since been somewhat overlooked in the Four Tops, indeed all of Motown's canon. It was played by Radcliffe and Maconie when a lady on The Chain chose it, saying it was her favourite single of all time. Listening to it anew I think she has a point, thanks to Levi Stubbs' masterful and magisterial vocal and the harmonies by both the other Tops and the Andantes, a four-piece female session group who sang uncredited on so many Motown releases.

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