A Portrait Maker

Just opposite Rhodes Mandraki Harbour, this artist draws all day long in the wind and the heat. His clients clearly don't sit for him, but give him photos to work from.

We had a long day in Rhodes, taking possession of the boat and generally learning the systems and shopping for our trip around the Dodecanese Islands. I took a couple of walks in the fortified city, one In the early morning before shops were open, delightful cobbled streets and courtyards. However this early evening, it was so crowded with tourists in their thousands from the cruise ships which had arrived in another port area. Every old building had turned into a garish tourist shop or restaurant, I lost my bearings and ended up escaping through the gate I had arrived by rather than the one I wanted to go to.

David's son and wife have arrived having travelled from Chicago to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Tomorrow the adventure begins.

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