Swaying in the wind

A very slow walk on Weetwood Moor in the sunshine with MrM and Louie this morning. "This would make a good Blip", said MrM, pointing at a spider on a web about 2 meters away, swaying about in the wind. So here it is!

MrM went for a cycle ride around Chatton (where it's not too hilly!) this afternoon and I opted, instead, to walk up to Wooler Common in search of red squirrels, hoping for a photo or two. By then it was overcast and dull, but it was a nice walk all the same. Not a squirrel to be seen, though. Early in the evening, when we took Louie up to the Common for his evening walk, there was a young squirrel on one of the feeders - but, by then, it was too dark in the woods for a decent shot... 

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