Can I come in?

It must be over a year since this black and white cat started coming in. It does not  belong to anyone in the neighbourhood and its become feral.

Now with the bad weather approaching I worry about it. Will it survive another  winter out of doors? But what to do? attempts to befriend it have failed.

Catching him and taking him to Cat Rescue is not an option. They will not touch cats like this because they know its iimpossible to re-home a semi-feral cat.

So it looks s if Taz is going to have to share his food bowl with this stranger for some time yet.

As for my computer . 2,000 photos are missing. I have yet to explore Icloud. Hopefully they should be up there, except I have no idea how to set about getting them back.

We have just been to see the film Victoria and Abdul. Worth seeing, all about the unusual relationship between the ageing Queen Victoria and a young Indian servant. Judi Dench gives a magnificent performance.

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