Autumn blaze

My friend, Frances, a keen gardener, has this magnificent tree in her garden, grown from a cutting given to her by another gardening friend.
Every time I leave the house I pass it so today I finally decided to stop, photograph it and have a chat with her about the tree.
She tells me it’s  katsura , a native of Japan and China and its proper name is cericidphyllum japonicum.
Computer saga
I thought it was too good to be true. My laptop is back with the computer doctor, ie Stormfront in Stirling who are now in the process of re-installing all the software fo the second time. Apparently they did not give it a proper check after the first re-boot to see that it was fully functioning because when I got it home and opened it up I soon found that my photos were missing.
 All 7,000 of them.


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