Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

Great Spotted Woodpecker

How long does it take for my cranky old PC to update? 
Answer - at least overnight!!!
I should have posted my blip first, but I did start it at 18:30 last night and it still wasn't finished by the time I went to bed at nearly 11pm!!
Anyway, here is my woodpecker from yesterday's hour at Pennington Flash.
I had a lovely lunch at my parents and was happy to hear that both my nieces have settled down well at their respective new schools. 
Although Ellie is already hating Biology and says it's her hardest "A" level! Wrong - she is also taking Maths and can Biology be difficult? It's just remembering stuff!! 

Off to Sweden again - the first of 8 weeks in a row!! 

A huge thank you for all the hearts, stars and comments for my red squirrel which is now on page 1 of popular - he was cute though ;)
Have a good week everybody

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