Through the mist

Very dull and misty all day and, as I walked in to Berwick at lunchtime, drizzling too. The tree in its autumnal foliage provides a little bit of colour for a view of the Royal Border Bridge. Thinking about Lucy (my daughter) and Jake as I took the photo - later today they'll be on a train travelling over the bridge on their way back home from a weekend in Edinburgh. Hope she's having a good birthday. Thirty today - makes me feel decidedly ancient!

Home earlier than usual for an appointment with the physiotherapist. Good news - my hips and back are OK! It seems that a group of muscles have stiffened up horribly - an indirect result of the accident way back in January - and are the cause of the rather alarming 'crunching' noises when I walk. Another set of exercises to fit in to my daily routine, and back in 2 weeks to check progress. Thank goodness for the NHS...

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