Across the mudflats... Berwick Pier.

In to Berwick with MrM this morning. He had an appointment with the dentist, and I needed to pick up some essential items of shopping. Looked in to one or two shops before dashing down to Bridge Street to the Green Shop. Then decided to walk along the walls back to the dentist's. Why I thought it was a good idea to go the long way round whilst carrying some shopping and a 5-litre bottle of washing liquid I can't imagine, and by the time I got there felt as though I'd scaled Everest! Bumped in to Annette and Simon on the way, though, which was nice. Had forgotten how much I like Berwick, and it was lovely to wander around the town for a while.

Called at a couple more shops on the way home, and arrived back in Wooler just in time for me to set off for Tai Chi. 

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