Red legged partridge

(Thanks, Google.)

Another slightly too-short sleep meant I skipped today's first activity (tennis), but went and met up with the others for a coffee afterwards.  I was torn about going swimming again (couldn't be bothered getting my hair wet again), and eventually decided to give it a miss.  Instead, I had a nice walk around the lake and up round the back of the 'village', then went back to the villa to get packed up.  My friend (and old housemate - who'd not gone swimming either) came and hung out with me for a while, and then we got the barbecues going (and watched chapters 9 and 10 of R Kelly's 'hip hopera' - hilariously bizarre) - and fed a whole load of red legged partridges which turned up and announced themselves very noisily.

All the others came back just after midday and we got the lunch going.  Had a lovely relaxed lunch with everyone, sitting out in the sunshine, and then cadged a lift to Flitwick station with my friend Lizzie and her family.  They had quite a bit of luggage between them, so all the others came and helped us to the car and waved us off, which was lovely.

Had a pretty easy, if slightly slow, journey home after that, and then a nice chilled out evening with Tim, feeling pretty exhausted from a fun weekend.

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