Had a nice slow start to the day, then my sister came over with my Mum's new car at lunchtime.  I haven't driven a manual for years, so needed a bit of a lesson!  Rach drove me to a nice quiet estate nearby, and I drove round a few roads to get some practice in.  It was remarkably easy, and I didn't stall it once (until I got back to Mum's and was trying to park it up a hill), nor bunny-hop, so I'm claiming that as a success.

When we got back, Rach showed me how the hoist works, and we helped Mum into the car so she and I could go for a drive.  Dropped Rachel back at hers, then Mum and I went to Cheddar Gorge.  I did manage to stall the car up a steep section of road there.  Bit embarrassing, but thankfully the driver behind was very patient and understanding.  

Drove back down into Cheddar and got a couple of pasties from a tea room for a late lunch.  Headed back to Mum's after eating those.  I potted a few plants for her (and snapped this leaf on her patio), then we had a nice quiet afternoon and evening, with salmon and leftover roast veg for dinner.  Easy :)

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