By Veronica

The three bears

Couldn't resist this! Actually these are Roman loomweights in the archaeological museum in Almuñecar, just round the corner from us. Prosaic objects of which I've dug up a few in my time, delightfully presented. The museum is in a kind of cave with a seven-arched ceiling. It has some lovely objects in it, of which my favourite apart from mummy, daddy, and baby here, was a fabulous Egyptian vase, dating to 16 centuries BC, carved out of a single piece of marble and dedicated to a member of Egyptian royalty. There was no explanation of how it ended up in Almuñecar, and this lack of information was a common theme. The artefacts were immaculately shown in well-lit glass cases, but even simple identifying labels were lacking.

The ticket included the castle, so we went there as well; it was extremely underwhelming, apart from the pretty models of Roman and Moorish Almuñecar. Then it was lunchtime; after a review of the produce available in  local shops we have decided on a diet of fish and jamón, served with salad and washed down with cheap plonk or non-alcoholic beer. So lunch was tiny fried anchovies, as fresh as you can get, followed by baked mackerel with escalivade, with a 2-euro bottle of white wine.

Weather still lovely, albeit a bit windy, so the afternoon was spent at Cantarrijan beach. In the evening we joined the intercambio group at a bar in Motril. It was pleasant enough but I'm not sure we'll go to an evening one again as it's quite a long way to go, and there are too many people in the group who just speak English all the time. Back home we wound down on the terrace with ham and the rest of the lunchtime bottle.

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