By Veronica

On the Muelle

A distinctly uninspired day photographically speaking ... this is the best I can do. We took the bus to Málaga, and as has become our tradition on visiting Spanish cities, the first thing we did when we arrived was buy an umbrella, as we hadn't brought one and it was raining. Luckily it only cost 5 euros, as we only needed it for the ten minutes we were queueing outside the Picasso museum. Arriving at the desk, we were pleasantly surprised to discover it was free, because of World Tourism Day or something.

It was rather crowded in there but I still enjoyed the exhibition -- Picasso worked for so long, in so many different media, that there is something for everyone. My favourites were some of the small drawings and prints, and the pottery. Favourite Picasso quote: "I don't paint what I'm looking for; I paint what I've found."

When we came out, no umbrella needed; it wasn't raining. We walked just a hundred metres or so to modern tapas bar Uvedoble, which I'd researched beforehand. We had a lovely selection of tiny tapas; my favourite was a crispy mini pizza with pear, caramelised onion, goat's cheese and rocket. Puddings were excellent too -- very rare in Spain -- especially S's white chocolate soup with pistachio cake and passionfruit ice.

All very satisfactory; we then had time to walk to Decathlon to buy me a new pair of walking boots (my last ones fell apart), and then past the port area (blip) and back to the bus station. The light was flat and dull all day, hence lack of photos.

And now, we're on our terrace yet again ... cava, jamón, and barbecued prawns on the menu. The cork has just popped, so I'm off!

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