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By Esper

U Got The Look

Here we are at rock bottom. Machine And Soul is an utterly appalling album. Dreadful songs. Dreadful production. Dreadful sleeve art. How could I possibly choose a favourite song from this steaming heap of manure? Impossible. So, I have chosen the most embarrassingly awful instead. Numan was advised - yes, listening to advice again - that a cover song would be a sound commercial move. Being a Prince fan, Numan decided to cover U Got The Look. The result is predictably cringe inducing. Thankfully, his cover of 1999 didn't make it onto the album - that is even worse! 

Thankfully, after this, things get better. A lot better. Well, they couldn't get much worse, could they?

I'm sorry, I can't leave this blip on such a stinking note, so I will hark back to the glory days when Numan could cover a song and make it into pure magic. I give you Numan's stunning rendition of Frank Sinatra's On Broadway. Thanks, Billy Currie; you take that A.R.P. Odyssey to Heaven!

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