Tears and Tantrums

Today has been filled with an ounce of stress, a couple of hours of searching, a broken down flat battery, a jump start, some pleased neighbours and the departure of my trusty 306 car. When it eventually started up I took it to scrapyard heaven.....it didn't feel like moving much today so the trip took 60 minutes as opposed to the usual 50 mins. It has been at the bottom of the hill for over 3 weeks and the neighbours smiled as they saw I was driving it away after a helpful jump start. I will be very sad to see it go, we have been through some great adventures together and I have had her since 2001. I got bit tearful thinking this would be the last time I would drive her. Despite efforts Mr H didn't want to blip me with her as people don't really take photos at the scrappies, this was just as well as when I later tried to take a pic of the car my memory card was full ah well....... instead I will show you a rather stern letter from my car insurance company. I have to deal with that mess tomorrow.....yes you read it right...they are chasing me for £.00 ! I already spent time on the phone about this a few days ago....

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