secret garden

By freespiral

Thank you

A very big thank you for all the lovely comments on my unexpected 7th blip day - unexpected as I thought I had already celebrated it (Maths was never my strong point)!  Very much appreciated and enjoyed. Please accept a thank you in the form of a West Cork Window, spotted in damp Dunmanway as I sped home.

What a few weeks! Drove son#1 to the airport this morning, absolutely lashing down with many fields flooded and then fog at the airport. A great week with him: he's been climbing, running, swimming, walking, well discovering, hacking back the gunnera, fox whispering, making videos, cooking curries and helping Himself clean the woodburners,  We also managed to fit in the cinema - Arthouse started last night with an excellent film The Drummer & The Keeper. An Irish film that looked at how an unlikely friendship developed between two young men, one with aspergers and the other bi-polar. Not as heavy as it sounds and some remarkable performances.

Bizarrely the sun has now come out, Fineen joined me down by the pond for a cup of tea - just lounging there in the sunshine! She's now sitting by the door of the conservatory looking very curious and a bit naughty!

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