Aperture on Life

By SheenaghMclaren

When a Squirrel Dares

A much better day today even though the photos are very noisy as they're recovered from almost black.  

A Grey Squirrel dared to run, as good as, through the dog's legs to get to a tree trunk.  That is a little too much, even for the best behaved Cocker Spaniel. My main pic is of the dogs scouring the tree top for the impertinent little animal, the second and third extras are of Cocoa believing he can climb vertically up a Pine Tree and the inevitable fall. Poppy came out of the incident unscathed but has gathered that Squirrel chasing might be fun. The Squirrel was watching from above with a twinkle in its eyes!

I was photographing some cyclists in brighter light as this happened. It's a miracle I got the shots at all.  Maybe not the best but the situation made me laugh out loud. So good for the soul! 

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