As I left my flat I realised I've not met my next door neighbour yet. I think a guy moved in a few months ago and I've heard loud music once. Perhaps his schedule is as bizarre as mine.

Arrived at Heathrow albeit with tube issues and rucksack balancing in a crowded train.

Random interactions with people are so interesting. Guy on my row on the plane, talking to a woman in the middle seat. 'I've been married 7 times. And now I need to do the 8th one, for retirement. I like cheating and I like changing. African women don't mind. I've got two women in Kenya and they both want to go out with me.'

African woman in middle seat acts surprised and I add that I'm not sure I would agree with the statement applied in such a general way.

Apparently he lives with his mother and they look after each other. Probably because he's alienated many of the world's other women.

Woman in middle seat proceeds to use me as a window, leaning on me throughout the journey. I spend the entire time fighting the urge to scream claustrophobic outbursts.

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