By NickyH

Day 273

So last night we stayed with the Davies clan in Yorkshire. There was some of this involved, but luckily not as much as last time we saw them, which led to the need for this the next morning. Although we are all a little bit hungover "tired" today.

We took a trip to a lovely village called Saltaire to visit Salts Mill. It's a lovely place and very picturesque. Unfortunately, I only got this shot before the heavens opened and my camera battery ran out (guess who forgot the spare).

If you look VERY closely at the bottom right corner (and I mean very closely!) there was a heron just standing in the river. But a lack of zoom lens meant I couldn't get a shot of it. Oh well!

I hope everyone's had a good weekend. I'm back to having Mondays off as of tomorrow (hooray!) so I'm in an extra specially good mood. However, I'm shattered after last night's antics!

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