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Lola awoke at 6.20am.  David took her out and I organised her breakfast.  I am getting used to the look and smell (it's actually not that bad, just a meaty smell) of her raw food.  Beef, duck and tripe with bone combo this morning.  Lovely.  She scoffs it in seconds!

On my friend Shona, puppy trainer's advice, we have begun feeding her in her crate with the aim of getting her happy to be in it with the door closed for extended periods throughout the day.  Just long enough where if we need to pop out for some shopping, go to an appointment etc, we know she is safe and happy at home alone.

She does like her crate during the day and will happily go in for a snooze but only with the door open.  She's fine with it closed during the night.

Now that she's had all her puppy vaccinations, I want to get her titre tested to check that the vaccines have actually led to immunisation.   I also want to speak to a raw feeding vet specialist to make sure, as she grows, she is getting the right balance and quantity of raw food.  

I contacted the vet in Glasgow who offers a raw feeding consultation and was delighted to learn she also VacciChecks puppies.  She advised that Titre testing to check immunity in a pup would usually be done at 18-19 weeks old so I will ring tomorrow and get that booked.  She says we can discuss raw feeding at the same time.  Perfect.

David was tired from his Portugal trip and this cold seems determined to cling on to me for a bit longer so today was a bit of a nothing day.   Only photo I took today was of the new wallpaper in the small hallway as a friend had asked to see it, so that's my blip.  I like that depending on how the light hits it sometimes the leaves are the prominent feature and sometime the background is.

Lola is able to get out and about from tomorrow - yippee! - so a trip to the park may be in order.  Shona is coming round tomorrow around 12.45 to start training with us (training us to train Lola :-) and some of the tips she gave me when she popped in on Monday are already effective.  looking forward to getting started.  Will also look into puppy obedience classes. 

Busy and fun times ahead :D 

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