secret garden

By freespiral

Window Box*

A sort of lazyish day really - a bit of well work in the morning, enjoying a bit of warm and unexpected sunshine at midday then over the mountain to Schull for the hair to be sorted out. This exuberant clump of Mexican daisies caught my eye, flourishing on a decayed windowsill of a teeny derelict cottage. Thanks to BikerBear for continuing to host FF. 

Other than that I have been ploughing through the latest book club book: The Cello Suites by Eric Siblin. Not  book I would immediately have grabbed but it tells the story of the discovery just over a hundred years ago of the 6 Cello Suites by Bach - discovered in a shoe box by Pablo  Casals. It's fascinating and looks at Bach's life, the life of Pablo Casals, himself a cello virtuoso, and the life of the author. I'm up to Suite 3. 
Take a listen: Prelude , Cello Suite 3 played by  Pablo Casals himself. 

And it's the Feast Day of the Archangels, especially St Michael - Michaelmas etc. You know this thing if you're into wells!

*Thanks to spotsoftime for the suggestion

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