Once again, some of us will be taking part in the Pinktober challenge and taking a photograph each day of the month of October with pink in it somewhere.  The entries won’t be judged as in a normal challenge, but once they are tagged with BCAM1, BCAM2 etc for the days of the month, everyone can see who is taking part.

Of course, I could have taken my pink robe, or my old pink slippers, or even my pink flip flops, but will save these in case I need an emergency Blip at any time.

I had spotted this beautiful pink rose as a bud in our garden last week and hoped that it would have opened enough to have its fifteen minutes of fame on Blip - and sure enough, on a cold, grey, damp Sunday morning, here it is, with at least another two buds waiting to bloom.  I’m pleased that even on such a gloomy day, this beautiful rose, complete with raindrops, looks god against our blue fence and the fact that it’s pink is a huge bonus.

For those of you not familiar with Pinktober, the reason we do it is to raise awareness of breast cancer, a disease that affects many women and also men.

Those of us who have done this challenge before may also ask you to click on this Breast Cancer site so that those who cannot afford to pay to have a mammogram can have one because we have clicked.  It takes about 10 seconds to do this, but will mean so much to so many men and women.  Like many women I know, I don’t like having a mammogram - they aren’t very pleasant - but the relief when that envelope drops through my letterbox to say “All clear” is great!  

Of course, not everyone gets that reassurance, either because they need further investigation or because they just can’t afford to pay for a mammogram - so as a wonderful community of Blippers, let’s do our bit and click each day of Pinktober.  Thank you.

“I’m stronger than I thought I was.
     My favorite phrase has been,
          ‘This too shall pass.’
I now understand it really well.”

Robin Roberts on her strength battling cancer

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