By PicLocata

Roseberry Topping

Day 4 of the Cleveland Way, from Clay Bank to Newton under Roseberry.

I'd been looking forward to the evocatively named Bloworth Crossing (see extra) ever since we planned the walk. We visited this high spot on the moor some years ago and I wanted to see it again. A railway line used to cross the moor and there was a level crossing for the rough track at this point. I guess it must have taken more traffic than it does now!

From the crossing the Way turns north again. We'd been getting glimpses of Roseberry Topping for the previous two days. It ought to be a sauce, but actually it's a conical hill that stands out from the edge of the moor. It stood between us and our pub for the night. We decided to go round it and climb it the next day. That was sensible; I'd been indisposed the night before and was pleased to have completed the day without embarrassment! However the paths on Roseberry Common were wet and slippery after an hour of rain, and we arrived muddy from the knees down. 

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