Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

V. cardui

Or, more commonly, Painted Lady, a butterfly that is found on almost every continent.  We are having a very strong fall flight of these lovely creatures and they are partial to the also-abundant Montauk daisies in my garden.  Making for an easy blip.  

I had a most delightful morning with Bob and Lois.  I took them to one of my favorite places to hike and we walked and talked and enjoyed a perfect warm fall day.  Didn't see many birds, but saw lots butterflies (sulphur, painted ladies, Commas, monarchs, Cabbage Whites, pearl crescents) and even one ragged dragon, enjoying a bite of lunch.  Mostly, it was just fun spending time with Lois and Bob.  You meet the nicest people through Blip! Hated to say goodbye, but they are off to have some more adventures before returning to OR.

I released 7 monarchs today:  two at the request of a friend and the other five for the victims of the shooting in Las Vegas.  This leaves me with 13 chrysalids...things are winding down so quickly now.  Looks like 4 more will emerge tomorrow.  Still not to late to request dedications - I have at least six more I can release for someone.  


And I'll belatedly tag this for TinyTuesday, hosted by WRPerry

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