A bit sheepish . . .

. . . was how I felt this morning. It was a dull start to the day, but we decided to go to the tunnel to pick what would probably be the last of the runner beans and plant some overwintering onion sets by the name of 'Troy'.

As we approached Taynuilt I mentally decided not to take the 'short cut', though it's probably no shorter and certainly much slower. I usually drive this track either going in or coming out. Anyway, this time we didn't and took the 'proper' road. We hadn't long started up Glen Lonan, which is single track and classified as a C road, when we came up behind a couple of farm vehicles, two people and half a dozen dogs, herding a load of sheep. We were behind them for probably a couple of miles, which didn't bother us as we were in no particular hurry and we had some free entertainment. The sheep kept on escaping off the road into nearby fields and woods and the dogs were forever bringing them back. One sheep fell in a ditch and the girl at the back lifted it up and slung it into the small trailer behind her buggy. A few more slackers were added as the sheep drive went on. Eventually they turned into a field just short of our destination and the tail-end girl thanked us for our patience - not that we had any choice, of course! This was one day when the alternative would have been quicker - but less fun!

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