Common Earthballs

I think!

I'd almost given up hoping I'd find any fungi today when I came across a procession of twelve Earthballs growing along the path side in Bagger Wood.  I thought I'd have a change of venue for my walk today, but until I ventured down a path that was totally new to me I didn't have much luck.  Well, lets put it this way, the fungi I spotted up to this point was pretty old and well chewed.  On the new to me path I came across a group of four Fly Agaric, one of which was large and well chewed and the others in progressive stages of growth (and chewing).  It's been a beautiful day today and lovely to be outside.  Lets hope it's not followed by another day of rain tomorrow.  National Theatre showing of Hamlet at the Penistone Paramount this evening.  Lets hope I can stay awake as I've been awake for hours.

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