Pinktober 6

The sun shone beautifully this morning and I took this shot loving the reflections.
Went to Aqua then off to Alison and John's. They are having a new kitchen so Alison was happy to go out for lunch and a visit to the library and village hall for photography exhibitions. We had a lovely two course lunch then went to see the exhibitions.
The Library one was the camera club and was coming down this afternoon. The village hall was an exhibition of photos by a man from the camera club who had died last year. There were hundreds. Most were for sale. We walked round and then started looking at the piles on the table. I found one of a cricket match and it was my nephew John, Alison's son, then another photo which was of my brother John Alisons' husband, both wicket keeping, what a coincidence. She did buy both and another of the cricket pitch.
A lovely day.
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